Rangefinder Brands: Top Manufacturers for Hunting and Golfing Complete Guide

Are you looking for the perfect rangefinder for your hunting and golfing needs?

From budget-friendly models to top-of-the-line products, there is a rangefinder out there that can fit your needs. Read on to find out the best brands when it comes to rangefinders and how they can enhance your shooting and golfing experience!


Welcome to Rangefinder Brands: A Complete Guide. In this guide, we will take a look at the different rangefinder brands that are available in the market and provide some information about how they compare when it comes to features and quality. Rangefinders are a vital piece of equipment for outdoor activities such as hunting and golfing, so it is important to select a brand carefully in order to get the most out of your rangefinder.

Rangefinders come in many different shapes, sizes, and features so there is something for everyone. Some of the most well-known rangefinder brands include Bushnell, Leica, Vortex, Nikon, Zeiss, and Leica. Each of these companies offer various options when it comes to range finders that are suitable for different types of needs. We have provided detailed information on each brand below as well as a comparison chart at the end so you can compare them all side by side. Let’s jump right into our rangefinder brand review!

Hunting Rangefinder Brands

When looking for the best rangefinder brands that offer the most reliable and accurate models for hunting, there are several to consider. Many of these companies have been in operation for decades, creating some of the most trusted products for both hunting and golfing. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite hunting rangefinder manufacturers:

Bushnell – One of the leading American outdoor recreation brands, Bushnell offers an extensive line of archery and laser products with exceptional accuracy. Their rangefinder products stand out in terms of quality, durability, long-range capability, and magnification power.

Nikon – While Nikon originated as a camera company in the late 19th century, it has since expanded to meet modern needs with an innovative selection of optics specifically designed for hunters who demand precision and clarity. Their line features multiple magnification levels to suit any conditions or species.

Bush Hog – Since 1983 this family owned business has been delivering top-notch laser equipment by focusing on mechanics from conception to completion with precision-built parts as well as stringent standards ensuring hunter satisfaction every single time. Their Scout Hunter 700 model is popular among experienced shooters in need of ranging up to 700 yards accurately and efficiently regardless of weather conditions or game size.

Sig Sauer – Founded in 1968 by ex-German military personnel, Sig Sauer has become a leader in gun technology across Europe and America with numerous awards and recognitions from their expansive firearm market base. This highly reliable foreign made brand also offers five electronic riflescopes designed for superior accuracy when taking long shots even under adverse weather/terrain conditions while still guaranteeing utmost ruggedness under any scenario due to its durable construction materials used throughout production stages.

Brand 1: Features, Pros, and Cons

  1. Brand 1: Features, Pros, and Cons

Brand 1 is a well-known name in rangefinder technology. Their most popular shooting and golfing rangefinders feature a pinpoint accurate 6x monocular with angle compensation included to maximize precision in any angle. Its waterproof design can withstand any kind of weather condition, making it perfect for all outdoor activities like hunting or golfing. The best part about Brand 1’s rangefinders is the built-in ‘scan mode’ that allows for continuous ranging of up to 8 targets at once, with measurements given instantly as soon as the laser measures them. This makes aiming speedier and more accurate than ever before! For fast and efficient measurements, these rangefinders also include an LCD display to show distances clearly when you look through the viewfinder. On top of all this, these devices are engineered with exceptionally long battery life so you can enjoy hours of use without fear of running out of power.


  • Accurate pin point 6x monocular
  • Angle compensation included
  • Waterproof design
  • Built-in ‘scan mode’ for simultaneous readings up to 8 targets
  • LCD display for clear distance readings
  • Exceptionally long battery life


  • Pricey compared to competitors

Brand 2: Features, Pros, and Cons

Bushnell produces a range of hunting and golfing rangefinders designed specifically to meet the demands of experienced shooters, hunters, and golfers. The brand’s most popular models are their Elite series featuring fully multicoated optics for improved light transmission, 6X magnification and ranging capabilities up to 1000 yards. They also offer a smaller compact Elite model for increased portability.

The brand is best known for its Focus system which provides an incredible level of accuracy in any conditions by accounting for terrain angle, slope, line-of-sight distance etc. Using this unique optical technology gives Bushnell a definite advantage over other manufacturers who only cater to one form of measurement.

Pros: -Wide variety of products from more affordable entry models through to professional grade devices with long-range accuracy capabilities -Superior Focus system packing in extra features such as angle compensation -High levels of light transmission throughout the entire product range resulting in clean crisp imaging in all conditions

Cons: -Inconsistent customer service can make it difficult to access support or troubleshoot technical issues -Not always the most lightweight or portable devices which can be an issue when transporting several pieces of gear into the wild

Golfing Rangefinder Brands

Golfing requires precision, even down to the distance you hit the ball. That is why many experienced players invest in a rangefinder, which allows them to accurately measure the distance from their ball to their target or other important locations on the course. The following are some of the most popular rangefinder brands specifically designed with golfers in mind.

Leupold: For decades, Leupold has been crafting quality optics for golfers and hunters alike. Their GX-1 and GX-2i Rangefinders are among their top-rated products and are known for offering dependable accuracy and stunning clarity when teeing off.

Bushnell: Bushnell is one of the leading names in rangefinders and provides consistently reliable models such as their Tour V5 Shift Slope edition rangefinder. This model offers PinSeeker technology that specifically calculates distances relative to Faldas so you can always sink your shot accurately no matter which club you’re using.

Nikon: Nikon’s COOLSHOT Golf Rangefinder line up consists of devices that offer cutting edge features such as an 8 second continuous measurement mode and HYPER READ signal processing for streamlined target acquisition and quick response readings. Nikon’s laser devices offer accurate ranges from 5-650 yards plus .5 yard increments so golfers can practice with precision every time they step out onto the green.

Brand 1: Features, Pros, and Cons

In this guide, we will discuss one of the top rangefinder brands on the market today: brand 1. This brand offers a range of digital devices that can be used for hunting or golfing purposes. Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced hunter or golfer, this guide will help you learn about some of the features, pros, and cons associated with this brand.

Features: Brand 1 offers a wide range of features in its products from laser technology to Bluetooth connectivity. The most common features include 6x magnifications paired with crystal clear optics for maximum visibility, integrated waterproof construction for confident use outdoors and even multi-target focus capabilities for greater accuracy when measuring distances.

Pros: Customers enjoy this brand’s overall durability and dependability, as well as additional features like inclinometer functionality that measure angles precisely. For whatever activity they’re into – hunting or golfing – it’s very simple to quickly get familiar with a device like this and use it with confidence. Furthermore, some models are even equipped with tactical LED lights that can help illuminate their environment in low-light settings after dark.

Cons: While there is plenty to love about this brand overall, there are certain cons associated with it as well such as limited battery life on certain models when compared to other brands on the market. Additionally, while they have excellent magnification capabilities up close some customers have had trouble zeroing in on distant targets successfully due to the fact that they have only two adjustment knobs without an option to attach accessories such as specialty lenses.

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Brand 2: Features, Pros, and Cons

Bushnell Golf is a quality brand of rangefinder that is suitable for both hunting and golfing purposes. Their devices are pre-loaded with more than 35,000 courses, making them very versatile. They offer an accurately calculated distance to any point, even in challenging terrain or visibility. Their devices are easy to use and feature durable construction, providing reliable performance in any environment.


  • Accurate yardage calculations – up to 800 yards away on reflective targets
  • 6X magnification power
  • Durable construction, weatherproof design
  • Pre-loaded with more than 35000 courses worldwide
  • Easy and intuitive menu navigation
  • Convenient size for carrying and storage



  • Lower battery life compared to other brands may require charging after each round of golf or hunting trip
  • Can be difficult to see smaller objects from long distances


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rangefinder Brand

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a rangefinder brand, such as cost, features, accuracy, warranty and overall performance. On top of that, you will want to make sure the company is reputable in terms of customer service and quality control.

Cost: Rangefinders come in a wide range of prices and it’s important to choose one that fits your budget. You can find models for as little as $100 but if you want more advanced features or higher accuracy, then you should expect to spend more money. Some brands offer discounts for bulk purchases or military personnel so be sure to explore those options if applicable.

Features: All models have basic functions like distance measurement and angle compensation but look for brands that provide additional features like inclinometers, pin-seeking technology and altitude measurements. Some rangefinders are also compatible with smartphones or other devices so they can be used in conjunction with apps or other software programs.

Accuracy: Accuracy can vary widely between different brands so it’s important to know what kind of tolerances you need before buying. Different terrain types, obstacles and lighting conditions will impact how accurately the measure is taken so make sure you research the accuracy specifications for each model under these different conditions before purchasing.

Warranty: Look for a manufacturer that offers at least one year on defects in materials or workmanship from the date of purchase; some even offer two years or more. This is important in case there are any issues with your rangefinder over time that need to be addressed by the company.

Overall Performance: Generally speaking, research reviews from previous customers on various websites such as Amazon or organizations dedicated to outdoor gear testing and reviews like Outdoor Gear Lab; this will give you an independent opinion on how well certain products have performed over time. When comparing models side by side, consider performance factors such as start-up speed (how long it takes for the rangefinder to display measurements after being powered on), battery life and ease of use under different conditions like wet weather versus dry weather.


If you’re looking to purchase a rangefinder on a budget, there are a few manufacturers who offer quality models without breaking the bank. Below are some of the more popular listed in descending order by price:

TecTecTec: TecTecTec offers high-quality laser rangefinders at some of the most competitive prices in the industry, as low as $120 for their entry-level ProWild model. TecTecTec models are compact, lightweight and well-built, making them great choices for any outdoorsman on a budget.

Callaway: If you’re looking for a rangefinder that offers both practical golfing and hunting capabilities without sacrificing quality, consider Callaway. With multiple midrange options starting around $200, their devices feature water-resistant materials and come with easy-to-read screens that maintain clarity even in bright conditions.

Bushnell: Bushnell is one of the best known brands when it comes to rangefinders and outdoor optics. Their products feature topnotch accuracy at distances up to 1500 yards away—all while still being cost effective, with models ranging between $90 and $250. An added bonus is they also offer batteries included with most products.


Magnification is one of the primary features to consider when purchasing a rangefinder. Rangefinders come in various magnifications including 4x, 5-7x, 8-9x and 10-20x. Magnification on rangefinders is extremely important for accuracy, and if you are looking to buy one you must consider what kind of magnification it has in order to determine its accuracy.

The higher the magnification, the wider the field of view and more detail is visible when aiming at your target. 4x magnification is the lowest available on rangefinders and works well for shorter distances with less detail required. 5-7x magnification will allow you to see targets which have more detail up to 200 yards away. Rangefinders with 8-9x magnification will provide clear vision up to 400 yards away, while 10-20x works best for shots from 500 or more yards away with pinpoint accuracy.

When shopping for rangefinders, make sure to choose one with appropriate level of magnification as this can greatly influence your shooting accuracy.

Golf rangefinders: a buyer's guide


In conclusion, rangefinder technology has drastically improved the accuracy of outdoor sporting activities such as hunting, golfing, and archery. Using a rangefinder to gauge distance can provide the competitor with that extra edge they need to achieve success on the course or field.

The market is full of rangefinder models and brands but pinpointing which one is right for you can be a challenge. Some of the top models and brands discussed in this guide are Bushnell, Nikon, Leupold, Simmons Optics and GolfBuddy. Each brand produces products with features suitable to their targeted audience utilizing technology such as flagpole lock or brush mode that gives hunters the opportunity to improve their accuracy from greater distances.

When purchasing a rangefinder device, an individual needs to consider the accuracy level for long-distance shooting or tracking animals when hunting on flat terrain or hilly areas; what magnification settings does it have; does it offer automatic compensation for elevation changes; is it fog proof; is it waterproof? These are fundamental questions one should ask when buying any model or brand of these optics devices.

Rangefinders provide an advantage when shooting from long-distance but also from close range because they can improve accuracy by allowing a hunter or golfer to quickly estimate distance between them and their target. Rangefinders enable shooters of all levels – novice to expert -to take precise shots more consistently which will enhance their chances of success in their respective activity: hunting, golfing or archery target shooting.

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